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Most Energy Platforms are by default. Yours can be by design.

We’re here to help energy-intensive companies and communities throughout North America transform their energy platforms.
Our goal is to make your transition to clean power easy, smart, and ROI-friendly, with triple-bottom-line benefits for many years to come.​

Power Planner

Model the switch to renewable energy for your enterprise, your development or your project. 

Power Planner lets you look into the future and calculate the emissions you can avoid, and the pricing risks you can control.

Our Approach

Sustainable Energy Platforms takes ownership of every aspect of the project lifecycle. Our clients benefit from a hassle-free transition to a more sustainable, resilient and cost-certain energy platform.


Our holistic design process includes a facility review for optimal energy-efficient operation. Our designs often incorporate specifications for a renewable energy microgrid sized for a retrofit or a new project.



Leverage our strong credentials in delivering renewable energy projects. There’s more than a GW of renewable energy development in our portfolio.



We connect you with bankable ESG investment pools that can fund the capital expense of your project, allowing your business to transition to renewable energy using only OPEX. Our clients can also invest in their own projects.



Facilities operation is in our DNA. We can tailor performance analytics to both the generation and the load side of your energy platform.



We leverage a national network of experienced technicians (many of them direct employees) supported by a robust 24-7 dispatch, track, resolve and report infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Demonstrating commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Net-Zero Multi-family Living

Located in London, Ontario, EVE Park is an all-electric community powered by the sun.

Net-Zero Community Grids

This 50-acre development in London Ontario is North America’s largest smart community.

Net-Zero Grocery Store

The first sustainable supermarket
in Canada. Yes, our partners were involved.

Latest Perspectives

What’s Hot in Cooling

The topic of heating and cooling will be very much with us this summer.

Shockingly – we received recently the tragic report from Saudi Arabia: 1301 pilgrims to Mecca died from heat exposure.

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Will “AI” make us Stupid?

The US phase-out of coal fired electricity generation will be delayed due to the impact of growing loads driven by data-centres and in particular the energy demands associated with AI.
*Featured Image: Coal plants operating as of November 2021. Darker markers indicate multiple generators. Map: The Conversation/CC-BY-ND  Source: EIA

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