West Five

This 50-acre development in London Ontario is North America’s largest smart community, with innovations in energy usage, water consumption, EV-readiness, and smart grid implementation.

North America’s largest smart community

s2e Technologies, one of the partners that created Sustainable Energy Platforms, worked with Sifton and London Hydro to bring the largest Smart Community in North America to London, Ontario.

The teams set ambitious goals for achieving net-zero energy, reducing water consumption, establishing EV-readiness, and using smart grid infrastructure. Sustainable Energy Platforms is new. The expertise has deep roots.

Developers considering the highest and best use of community-scale projects would be well-advised to look at the model of London’s West 5 community. The community is future-proofed in several ways by the investment in sustainable technology. Energy produced in the West 5 micro-grid can be shared between buildings. A community-scale BESS (battery energy storage system) lends an extra element of resilience.

The grid-tie agreement secures the affordability of energy for businesses and households living in the community. And all are sheltered from the growing cost of carbon emissions.

If you are a community-scale developer, Sustainable Energy Platforms, with capabilities across the full lifecycle of Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain offers you a way to future-proof your next community.