Energy Platforms

Power your business or community with renewable energy sources for enhanced sustainability, resilience, and control.

Everybody has an
energy platform.

For most companies it’s a combination of electricity, gas, back-up power systems, and the network of machines and devices that draw power.

Energy platforms are critical for the continuity of businesses and communities, but because of abundant and reliable energy, and limited options or alternatives, energy platforms historically got little attention from CEOs, CFOs and Sustainability Officers.

Until now.

With the drive to electrify everything, reduce carbon emissions, and control the financial risk of rising energy prices, energy platforms are emerging as a top business priority.

What is a Sustainable Energy Platform?

Sustainable energy platforms provide reduced emissions, stable and reliable renewable power, and long-term energy price certainty. 

For an energy platform to be truly sustainable, there are three critical requirements: Decarbonization, Resilience, and Cost Predictability.


Replacing fossil fuels with sufficient renewable energy sources to fulfill demand.


Energy storage, supply resilience, public grid integration, and operational maintenance.

Cost Predictability​

Secure, long-term access to energy production at stable and predictable prices.

How we help

Sustainable Energy Platforms brings together the renewable energy pioneers of s2e Technologies Inc. with Ainsworth Inc., a multi-trade organization with depth in energy efficiency that services over 1 billion square feet of property.

Our full-service approach integrates stakeholder engagement, financial modelling, design, construction, financing, permitting, interconnection, operations and maintenance in one complete solution customized for your needs. We take full ownership of your energy platform, allowing you to relentlessly focus on your core business as you transition to sustainable energy sources.

We help you finance your sustainable energy platform using a combination of tax credit incentives, pools of capital, and our network of ESG-focused investors. That reduces your financial impact to simply redirecting OpEx from your current energy spending to a new and sustainable platform. With a power purchase agreement (PPA) providing energy price certainty for decades, your company is shielded from energy price volatility.