About Us

We're purpose-built to enable businesses and communities to easily switch to renewable energy.

Sustainable Energy Platforms owns a dedicated accountability for every aspect of our clients’ energy platforms.

We offer a holistic, hassle-free process that includes:

Present state assessment of energy usage

We assess the current state of your facilities, and model energy platform improvements focused on efficiency, cost, resilience and emissions.

Engaging external stakeholders and regulators

We connect and engage with grid operators, local regulatory agencies, tax credit issuers, and others who may be affected by sustainable energy infrastructure development.

Design and analysis of a "sustainable energy platform"

Our plans cover renewable energy generation, grid interconnections, energy storage, insurance, operations, and maintenance.

Building new or retrofitted energy platforms

We excel beyond consulting firms, overseeing your project from design through construction, with dedicated long-term support and maintenance.

Who We Are

Sustainable Energy Platforms has been created through a joint venture between two established firms:

s2e Technologies Inc., a pathfinding renewable energy pioneer. s2e has delivered over one gigawatt (equivalent to 1 billion watts) of renewable energy generation through projects such as EVE Park and West Five.

Ainsworth Inc.a multi-trade organization with depth in HVAC and energy efficiency, that services over 1,000,000,000 square feet of institutional, commercial and industrial property.

Meet the leadership team of Sustainable Energy Platforms.

Contact Us

Sustainable Energy Platforms has an experienced team dedicated to servicing clients in Canada and the US.

10 Front Street, PO Box 547
St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0