Utility Operators

Learn how we partner with utilities, and how renewable microgrids can support the grid during peak demand cycles.

Assuming no change in energy demand between now and 2050 - a complete substitution of fossil energy sources by electricity to power transportation and building heat would more than double demand. But there is a real challenge on how we get from here to there on this timetable.

At Sustainable Energy Platforms, we want to be part of the solution – and we regard Utility Operators as vital partners. 

We look for synergies that help electric utility operators meet the challenges of rapid demand growth, while keeping the public interest and regulatory mandates squarely in view.

We work with utility operators to design sustainable energy platforms that complement the utility grid by adding capacity during peak usage periods, and support the intermittent load generated by electric vehicle charging.

One example is EVE Park in London, Ontario. Leaders at London Hydro recognized the surging demand from electric vehicle charging. EVE Park embraces zero-emission driving through a community-based pool of shared Tesla vehicles. EV charging needs are supplied by renewable solar energy, one of many sustainable development practices integrated into EVE Park.

To learn more about how our solutions can complement utility infrastructure, contact us.